Hire the Sweet Spirits team to set up a station at your next event.  We provide quality products and service for business functions, weddings and other gatherings.

We offer either crepe or waffle services.  Both can be provided at the same event for an additional cost.

What is included?
This cost includes at least two Sweet Spirits Staff to make and top waffles and/or crepes for your guests, classic style waffle and/or crepe batter, and classic toppings.

Classic toppings include: Maple Syrup, Butter, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Nutella, Strawberry Sauce, Chocolate Chips, Icing Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar, Vanilla Custard, Fresh Strawberries and Bananas.

Toppings for an Additional Cost:
Cream Cheese Icing, Raspberries, Blueberries, Other Fruit of your choice, Brown Sugar Pears, Brown Sugar Apples, Cinnamon Roll topping, Caramel Bourbon Sauce or topping as requested by you. 
Contact Sweet Spirits for Additional Toppings Costs.

We also provide specialized waffle batters for an additional cost.  This includes Pumpkin waffles, Chocolate Waffles, Banana bread Waffles and Gingerbread Waffles. 
Contact Sweet Spirits for Additional Waffle Batter Costs.

E-mail us for an estimate for your event or for more information at sweetspiritsptbo@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you require a deposit, and how do we pay?
Yes we require a deposit.  We would ask for half before the event, and half after.  You can pay using cheques or online e-transfer.

Is there a limit to how many crepes or waffles my guests have?
No, your guests may enjoy as much as they would like during the allotted time.

How much notice do you require to book an event?
We need at least one weeks notice, but the sooner the better as we cannot guarantee our availability.

What do I do if my guest count changes?
Please let us know of any changes to the number of your guests up to three days before the event.  After this time, we will be unable to make any changes to the order.  If less people come to your event, you will still be charged the original price.  If more people come, we will not charge extra, but we will not be able to guarantee enough food for all guests.

How long does it take for set up and take down of your station?
It takes at least half an hour to warm up our crepe machines, therefore for crepes it takes an hour for set up.  It takes less time for waffle set up, about forty-five minutes.  Take down should take no longer than half an hour.

Do you require Electricity?
For indoor set ups we require at least two outlets on different circuits as our machines draw too much electricity for one.  We provide our own extension cords to reach the outlets.
For outdoor set ups we also require electricity, however, if no building is near to draw from, we are able to provide our own generator.

Can we hire you for a night time event?
Of course! As long as there are electrical hookups we can provide our own lighting for the event.

How much space do you require?
We would require a 10 x 10 space for any event.  We provide our own tables and outdoor tent if required.

Can I provide my own toppings to be used on the waffles and crepes?
Unfortunately, you may not provide your own toppings as we at Sweet Spirits have a food health and safety licence to cater to the public. If you would like additional toppings let us know and we can provide you with a quote.

Do you offer gluten free options?
For waffles, Yes!  Let us know if you would like us to provide a gluten free option, and approximately how many people you would like us to prepare for.
For Crepes, unfortunately, at this time, we only have a limited number of crepe machines and thus would not be able to both a regular crepe batter and a gluten free option.

A little more about our set up!

At any event we will bring at least 2 double commercial waffle makers and/or two commercial crepe makers.  Double waffle makers can prepare 2 waffles every three and a half minutes.  Thus with two machines we can produce about one waffle every minute.  Crepes take less time to make.  A crepe can be made in less than a minute, thus with two machines we can prepare about two crepes every minute.
As our machines are electrical commercial equipment, they draw on a lot of power.  This is why we require two circuits or a power box in order to successfully run our machines without issue.

Contact us to book your event now! sweetspiritsptbo@gmail.com or 705-745-4540